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Plyos in the Park

4:04 pm Jul. 14, 2015

Atlanta, I’m not playing this month. I had to have a “gut check” with myself. No matter your fitness level, sometimes we get too comfortable. Yes, I put myself in that group. Life happens and things happen — it’s about what you are going to do to change the outcome! The backdrop for the training this month will be the lovely Piedmont Park. Please take into account that it’s

Easy At-Home Floor Exercises

10:06 am Jun. 25, 2015

Wow, it’s been a true hot Atlanta summer. Please do your best to stay hydrated! You might be finding it very difficult to work out in the heat. So for you I have a great, simple (and I say that with a smile) floor workout. In the video I have a step, but you can also roll up a towel and get the same workout. My main focus this week

Burpees & Plank Exercises

5:49 pm Jun. 16, 2015

Oh, ATL… I was on some crazy juice when I designed this workout. I really love to add this into my High Intensity Training workouts (also known at HIT). For example, when I’m at the park I’ll add this in between hill or stair runs/sprints. But before you say, “Madison, this workout is too much for me!” — you can do this workout solo and work your way up to incorporating spints

Standing Crunches, Upper Body Toning

4:42 pm Jun. 16, 2015

Summertime has you busy, and finding the time to work out is hard with the kids out of school. But these are the curveballs that life throws you, so that means you have to make time. I have for you a great, quick workout to target the abs and upper body. All you need are two-to-10 lb. dumbbells. Hey, 4th of July is a few weeks away — let’s make

Killer workout for biceps and shoulders

7:33 pm May. 20, 2015

What was I thinking? This week is a very intense workout — for all levels. But what great arms we’ll have this summer.

If you are new to working out, I suggest you do this a couple time without weight. If you are a workout pro, start with 5 pounds and progress to 10 pounds. Please don’t go above 10 pounds; we don’t want to add too much stress on those

AMAF: Workout to sculpt and tone the upper body

2:56 pm May. 13, 2015

I hope you’re ready to take it up a notch. Last week was a just an introduction; this week we are adding weights.

This is a great example how to step up your workout. My newbies keep the weight under 5 pounds. Workout pros, LOL … Please add a little more weight.

The goal this week, well every week, is to get better. The focus will be on the legs and upper

AMAF: These lunges will burn those calories

4:58 pm May. 7, 2015

Major leg time! Summer is around the corner, and it’s time to pour on the workout gas.
Your legs will be on fire but ready for summer.
This is for all levels, and in a few weeks, I will show you how to amp up this workout.
The only thing you need this week is you — no equipment. Lets get started!

AMAF: Make your own workout

7:58 pm Apr. 28, 2015

This week is a recap of all the workout videos from this month.

I want you to look closely and take notes because I have a fitness homework assignment for you!

I want you to design your own circuit workout. Take one exercise from each workout and make your own workouts for the week. I have only one rule. You must incorporate at least one jump rope exercise in each workout.  No skipping the jump rope (no pun