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AMAF: This workout is NOT child’s play

1:44 pm Sep. 21, 2015

No games are being played on this playground while Madison James is on it. Check out this week’s “Atlanta’s Mad About Fitness” workout. Madison picks the perfect spot to get the arms and abs burning.

AMAF: Feel the burn

1:05 pm Sep. 21, 2015

Atlanta’s Madison James gives you a fitness workout you can feel in the deltoids, triceps and thighs.

AMAF: Killer workout for killer abs

3:31 pm Mar. 25, 2015

Wow! Warm weather and springtime are in full effect in Atlanta. Does the thought of warm weather send you into a swimsuit panic? No need to worry. I have put together a great abdominal workout that will have you washboard-ready.
This workout will have your abs on fire, so be warned. But remember, in order to see those killer abs, make sure your fueling your body every few hours. Focus on

Spice it up and keep the calories down

2:44 pm Sep. 17, 2014

So often people think eating healthy means giving up flavor. I come across this all the time. When I talk with people about making better choices, the first concern I hear is that they want their food to taste good. I will be honest with you when I say that there will be some work required on your part. You will need to be open minded and give yourself time to adapt to the change. Just like you